Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the Gray Matters Foundation help?

The Gray Matters Foundation has grown out of the personal mission of Founder and President – and brain tumor survivor – Lanette Veres to help other people like her and her friends and family and to give to others what she feels so lucky to have received. We help patients who have been diagnosed with brain tumors and are facing a challenging disease and we help their family, friends and loved ones as well. We give people tools they will need to support other brain tumor patients.

How do you use donated funds?

We use donations to further our mission to encourage patients and loved ones facing brain tumors. We purchase and distribute gifts, cards and notes to reach out with a special personal touch to brighten the day of a brain tumor patient. We also help brain tumor patients fulfill a wish they have for another person – a special gift or card sent to a loved one when their illness prevents them for doing so.

We also create public awareness materials to inform the public about brain tumors and to provide information to get them involved in the fight against tumors and to reach out to others with brain tumors.

Can I make a donation of supplies?

Absolutely! We love to create great gift packages for our recipients with an outstanding variety of items. We are asking our supporters who want to donate supplies to check out our donation Wish List for the types of products and supplies we are currently in need of.

Who does the Gray Matters Foundation send special gifts and cards to?

Our focus is on the brain tumor patient and supporting them with our encouragement and care with gifts directly, as well as responding to special requests they may have for others. One example is our work with a patient who wanted to have a birthday gift for his wife but, because of his illness, couldn’t make that happen himself. So we stepped in and made sure she was able to celebrate her special day with a gift from him.

We send cards to patients as well, but also send them to caregivers, family and loved ones as needed. We try to reach as many people as we can, as we know how much fun it can be to get a special greeting!

How does Gray Matters Foundation learn about patients who get the gift packages and cards?

This information comes to Gray Matters through personal referrals; through the foundation website; from other organizations working with brain tumor patients; and through medical personnel referral. Information comes to Lanette through referrals from people involved in brain tumor groups and organizations; colleagues and friends and people who know of her work through others; personal contacts and requests made through the website at

Can I suggest a brain tumor patient to receive a Gray Matters gift package?

Yes. You can contact us with your suggestion. Gray Matters provides support to brain tumor patients in all areas of the United States, not only in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Can I include a message for a gift package recipient?

If you underwrite one of our gift packages, you can request that a special message for the recipient be added. You may want to send along a special poem or photo, story or a kind thought. When you make your donation we will give you all the information you need to learn how to add your special touch to the package. We are sorry but we cannot put you directly in touch with the recipient at this time because we respect their privacy.

Do you have anything special you do to help children who have a parent, sibling or friend with a brain tumor?

Yes, we take a special interest in helping young people deal with brain tumors. We know that sometimes children can have a difficult time expressing their feelings, especially when they are dealing with something as frightening as a brain tumor. We know that their fear can sometimes make them unable to deal with the situation and they internalize their emotions. We created our turtle with her tongue sticking out because that is a way that adults and children say what they think of something – it’s not good! Children can understand that sticking their tongue out says it all!

Can I get a grant or donation from Gray Matters Foundation?

We are not a grant-making organization so we cannot honor requests for funding. We raise our own funds from other organizations and individuals. On occasion we do make a donation for a Gray Matters representative to participate in a special event in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Invitations to participate in events should be sent by email or regular mail and we will review them for possible support.

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