About the Foundation…and our Turtle!

The Facts:

The Gray Matters Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to support and empower people impacted by brain tumors through outreach, awareness and assistance programs, and to develop and participate in public awareness and education programs about brain cancer. The Gray Matters Foundation was formed in 2007 by brain tumor survivor Lanette Veres and friends.

The Gray Matters Foundation has created programs and activities that will help us to succeed in our mission.

  • Survivor-focused activities that have the goal of supporting brain tumor patients and their friends and loved ones. These include our main activity of sending special gifts and cards with words of encouragement to bring smiles and happiness to people who are impacted by brain tumors.
  • Public-focused activities with the goal of raising awareness in the community about brain tumors and how to become an involved citizen in the fight for the survivors and against the disease.

The Philosophy:

“We are about support, not statistics.”

What does that mean? It means that we care about each special person facing a brain tumor and we want to help them individually. We know that more people are being diagnosed with brain tumors every day – from the famous people like Senator Ted Kennedy to the not famous but equally important – a friend, neighbor or coworker. We know that over 200,000 people will be told they have a brain tumor in this year alone and that in that group will be thousands of young children. We want to help.

The Fun:

Remember when you were a little boy or girl and you didn’t like something? Maybe it was peas or carrots, or going to bed early. What did you do? Maybe you stuck out your tongue! Mom may not have liked it but it sure said everything about how we were feeling. At the Gray Matters Foundation we don’t like brain tumors and we wanted to find a unique and humorous way to show that to the world, a way that even small children could understand and use.

So, we created the Gray Matters Foundation turtle, complete with tongue sticking out! You’ll find our turtle everywhere and when you see her you’ll know, too. Know what?

“Brain Tumors Stink! That’s what we think!”

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