Banking Bagels Brain Tumors

Banking Bagels and now Brain tumors OHNO ! Gene Snyder was my client, my friend and now a brain buddie. I met Gene when I worked at a bank. We laugh now but it was not funny back then ,He scared me. What I mean is he had a very stern voice and said what he meant meant what he said but with conviction! He was a business owner and if we wanted his banking relationship he made it clear NO FEES on the business account or “byyye byyyyye”. I didn’t know it then but as time went on I learned Gene was a big teddy bear. I remember it like yesterday. Well the story goes we made Mr. Snyder happy and we did get his banking business. I worked at his branch for over a year but had the chance to move up in the company so I really only got to see him when I stopped by his deli “Generations” at 7th street and Missouri. Funny thing I was still the banker who received that occasional call when Gene expierenced an upset but I would do my best to help make it right. Gene was my client and a friend. It was when I was diagnosed with the brain tumor It proved even more so how every goodness was based on friendship and was very important to the Snyder family. I remember calling some of my clients to let them know I would be out on medical leave. Gene and his son Scott were top on my list. It would not be until after my surgery I would learn of the beautiful act of kindness, their generocity and love they shared with my family. You see I was in surgery and they delivered bagels and snacks so my family did not have to leave the hospital. To have a client bless me , my family, TOTAL GIFT from God! Gene made me promise to stop by occasionally. Of course honoring Gene’s request I kept them up to date with my health each time I had another surgery or treatment. I never dreamed I wouldn’t go back to work, I never imagined being told I had Brain Cancer for that matter. Gene would call periodically when one of his customers was diagnosed and asked if I could speak with them or if I could encourage them and of course I did. Through the years he sent clients and their familes that needed support my way. He believed in what I did and how I turned my situation around and to help others. Gene was just that type of guy He cared about everyone, he GENUINELY cared. It wasn’t until I got that call from Scott his son that our connection became even more clear. Scott called and was not himself in fact pretty upset. I could barley make out what he said. When I did hear I was devastated just like it was my own family. Not GENE! such a good man. ( PROOF BT DON’T DISCRIMINATE) The story evolves but I was able to give back. Who would have ever dreamed I would be sitting with the Snyder family in the very waiting room they delivered food to. Only this time I was sharing support with his family. GENERATIONS of the Snyders friends and family. I could write pages about how the family has become a second family but the fact remains you just never know what part of your journey is the building blocks for the next. This world is not the same without him. He will forever be deeply missed and NEVER EVER FORGOTTEN. Bagels Banking now Brain Tumors SERIOUSLY? It doesn’t make sense but I am just glad I was given the gift to know him. Today my story was about my friend Gene Snyder. A man who was Genuine!

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